What makes the story relevant?

HASTA MAÑANA is relevant for the same reasons that it is interesting. It is taken from the recurring national media headlines – an evergreen story that speaks to the times not only near the border between the US and Mexico but increasingly around the world. The two themes, undocumented migration and illegal drugs are as relevant today as they were 50 years ago, and are likely to be 50 years to come.

What makes the book unique?

HASTA MAÑANA is unique, because it is written by an author who fictionalized many distinct real life situations lived/experienced by her son, similar to those of the protagonist in the story. The author’s son served first as a U.S. Border Patrol Agent, then as a U.S. Homeland Security Special Agent/Operations Manager and finally, on diplomatic assignments as an executive throughout Latin America and the INTERPOL General Secretariat. Yet the story is written from the perspective of a 30-year-old Hispanic woman, who her coworkers call “mystic, salsa, and soul“ referring to her indigenous, Mexican, and African-American genealogy. It is also enriched by research, on-site visits to the U.S./Mexico border, including a citizen ride-along, station visits, and interviews to give requisite texture, and a paradoxical sense of humanity authentic to the final story.

And what do you hope readers will take away from your words? 

While HASTA MAÑANA is a fictional story, it is based on real life events that could have happened. The author wishes the reader to take away an authentic depiction of reality and its many diverse interpretations, as it exists on all sides of border/migration management issues, considering their inextricably intertwined social, cultural and economic factors. With this cultivated impression, the author then hopes to unlock a critical view. One that may open readers’ minds to points that are enlightened by facts and informed by policy and legislation, and enforced by agents that have taken an oath to uphold the law – despite its limited resources, need for discretion where appropriate/humane and not marred nor manipulated by social opinions or across differing political administrations.

Hasta Manana book cover

HASTA MAÑANA is an adult mystery that tells a story of a significant issue facing our nation and nations around the world – migrations flows of undocumented people, and the story of a young mother avenging the death of her son.

What makes the book interesting?

Due to the driving themes of the plot, the story is seemingly ripped from present-day unending national media headlines, and speaks of undocumented migration flows to the US from Mexico and beyond, the alarming trend of teenage drug overdoses and murder. There is also the heartbreaking story of an empowered young woman, who became a mother all too young and abandoned her responsibilities, but is determined to deliver justice for her son, who unwittingly died too young from a drug overdose. She must navigate a world where no one is who they seem, and danger lurks at every turn. While this timeless story is based on things that could happen, it has been dramatized to emphasize their importance in our contemporary social and political climates. It also highlights the story of an adolescent mother, who had to first raise herself, and who had to make hard decisions about the needs of her child and her parental rights. And in the end, she had to choose between friendship and justice.